Intermission- Feelin’ Fresh

Intermission- Feelin’ Fresh

The applause is a celebration not only of the actors but also of the audience. It constitutes a shared moment of delight.” -John Charles Polanyi


Mamet got me some attention.  Even if I did misspell his name in the URL.  (oops)

I admit, I was going to try and play it cool.  I was going to try to craft a story about… I dunno.  Something.  A bird that builds a nest.  Yeah…  You can see why I didn’t go that route.

No, it just won’t work.  You see, there’s part of me that wants to be all sly and be like, “What’s that?  Yeah.  I diffused a nuclear bomb.  With my bare hands.  It was alright.”

Instead, and being the nerd that I am, I’m a little more excitable.  Except, y’know, I’m at work so I can’t seem –too- excited.  I gotta pretend to be calm.  But when no one’s looking…

What can I say, I like being Fresh Pressed.  I like the fact that some editor-type wrote me a little note.  I shall summarize, not what the note said, but what it said to my little brain:

Dear Philip.

Hi.  You don’t know me.  You never will know me.  We are the ones who control things around here.  So far you’ve played nice.  So far you haven’t cussed out anyone or posted anything obscene.  (But that post about a gal in a red dress was a little racy… watch yourself!)  All in you’re a reasonable guy.  Here ya go.  We’re throwing you a bone.  You can be Fresh Pressed.  But just this once!  Don’t go expecting more.

Today at least, you don’t suck. 

-Editors who can smite your rewards at their whim

Huzzah!  I’m a stubborn little tyke.  I don’t think I have that many exciting opinions to share and I don’t travel.  But I do think that people like story time.  I know that my two nieces both throw stacks of books at me, huddle around my lap, and say, “but… it’s only one more book!”  There’s gotta be something there.  We can’t entirely grow out of the need to hear short stories, right?

That’s what I try to do.  I try to give people a little break.  Maybe work is torqueing you off.  Maybe you’re just bored.  Or maybe you want to believe that there really is that perfect someone out there.  That’s what I’m trying to facilitate.  I think we could all use a little more story time in our lives.

So thanks to you terrific folks who come back for more anecdotes.   Thanks to those fellow bloggers who fill me with envy at their talent, but still encourage me to keep on typing.  And thanks to s1ngal for suggesting I should be Fresh Pressed this week, even if it was for a story she came up with.  😉

Oh, and a last tip o’ the hat to photos in the public domain.  My writing appreciates all those pics that liven up each post and I owe anybody who throws things into the public domain a hug.

If you feel like following, well that’d be keen.  If you’ve found that these stories aren’t for you?  You can unfollow.  I understand.  As for myself, I’m just going to keep on typing.  To paraphrase:

—You can entertain some of the people all of the time, some of the people some of the time, but you can’t entertain all of the people all of the time.—

Thanks again for hanging out.  The door’s always open.

Intermission- A Lovely Award

Intermission- A Lovely Award

Howdy.  When somebody gives you an award, you should at least acknowledge it and thank them, right?

The rules:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you.

2.  Add The One Lovely Blog Award.

3.  Share 7 things about yourself.

4.  Pass the award on to 15 nominees.

5.  Include this set of rules.

6.  Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs


1.   Thanks s1ngal!  Always a pleasure to hear from you, but even a little more so when you come with gifts.  (And really, any visit to s1ngal should be followed by thoughts of a lunatic.  They seem to share a brain.

2.  Done.  Widgeted.  Updated.  Sizzled like bacon and served on a place.

3.  Oh dear.  A:  I’m 9th generation Quaker.  I have the quilts and oatmeal, but no hat.

B:  I still name my photos and stories in 8-character (or less) file names.  If I were writing A Tale of Two Cities, I’d save it as atof2cit.doc.  Yeah, that’s how it was in keyboarding class so I just keep doing it that way.

C:  I’m technically 6’2 & ½, but I round it to 6’3.  So there.

D:  I have Clark Kent’s social security number memorized.  It was written down, so I filed it away.  (I always memorized the phone number to the closest Toys ‘R’ Us when I was eight, but that has become far less useful as I grow older.

E:  My middle name means, “He who walks through purple meadows”.  I have yet to meet a purple meadow, but I do enjoy walking.  For the time being, I’m living half of a lie.  Should I ever meet said meadow, I shall do my best to traipse lightly and enjoy the view.

F:  My cat is named Mylar, after the hard plastic expensive comics are kept in.  The next cat shall be named Polypropylene or Poly for short.

G:  I have never actually made an omelet, but I have made countless scrambled eggs.  The darn things always fall apart on me.  I was graded down a letter for not following instructions.  (It just saves time on chewing, right?)

4.  Get comfy, kids.

First off is kiradault.  The woman has given me more blog ideas than everybody else combined.  She encourages writers while telling heartfelt stories about her family.

Discoveries in a letter box is a nice blend of old photos and pictures combined with short stories inspired by what she’s found.  A nice creative boost.

I like lists; therefore I root for Listful thinking.  It’s funny.  It’s silly.  Good stuff.

Kim Kircher is my Northwest inspiration.  We both live around beautiful mountains, but she’s actually –in- them while I just look at them as pretty scenery.

The Byronic Man is terribly popular.  For good reason.  He’s just darn funny and he talks about movies because he knows how much we like them.  You can tell that he used to be a standup and you wish that you could attend one of his shows.  Laugh-inducing.

Writing for Daisies has much to like.  From talking about the kid’s surgery to the “hidden shame” of blogging, I just plain enjoy it.

Oh, Coco Ginger.  The only woman on WordPress that I’ve friended on Facebook.  She’s charming, emotional, and the easy flow of her descriptions of men playing tennis make me want to toss my computer out the window in a jealous rage.  She just makes the words flow and weave around her temperament.

The One Year Challenge started as a gal taking a break from flirting, dating, and all that.  But now she thinks she might have found someone worth her time.  Both states of being are fun to experience with her.

Just because I know Beth Amsbary in person, makes her no less intelligent or thoughtful.  She doesn’t post all that often, but maybe that’s because she spends all her time thinking.

Vera Silver is braver than I am.  She’s posting her book online as she’s writing it.  Me, I like to produce a finished product.  But she’s always looking for feedback if you’d like to toss it her way.

My interest in food is low.  But Cooking with Limited Appliances lets you hear about health and food in a way that is mouth-watering.

Dianne Gray harasses her coworkers, survives life, and still manages to keep her humor in an interesting way.

Everyone needs a photo blog to calm themselves with pretty pictures.  My pick is cat in water.

There are people in the world who sit around on their bums; like I tend to be.  And then there are people like Lesley Carter who take the world by storm and does more new things in a month than the rest of us do in a year.  She’s outta control, but in a good way.

If you need a quiet, insightful blogger, I’d recommend Bottled Worder.  There’s humor that sneaks in, but even though they claim to think too much, I think it’s just right.


5.  See above.  Go ahead; you’ve traveled that road before.

6.  I shall do that next.  Boo-yah.

Voila.  Next time it’ll go back to being less about Philip and more about stories.  Honest.  But I’ll leave you with “quotes” that have to be in video form.  Really, anything I say about awards won’t be as great as these two.  (If Harrison Ford laughs at your joke?  You’ve got comedy gold!)

Thanks again for the virtual-idol.  Toodles!

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