A Very Disney Wish

You broke my smoulder! -Tangled

(My coworker, who is quite the Disney fan, just got engaged. Since the congratulations note was rather non-specific, I figured I would share it with you folks. If nothing else, there is a video at the end for those of you that have forgotten your Disney childhood.)


It’s clear that your friends should all say “Congrats”,
And the gents walking by should doff their hats.
In a life where dating seems quite harried,
You are content to be getting married.

You’re a cute couple, go walk down the aisle,
We’re curious if you’ll do it “in style”.
The groom will be handsome, the bride will beam,
Even more so with a colorful theme!

The classic setting calls for some stained glass
To light up the storybook lad and lass.
Oh, the joy to be wed in a castle.
Though the dragon might prove quite the hassle.

And yes, fairy godmothers would be nice,
But still, you should probably think twice.
Invite them, you’ll get Maleficent too,
Her ivy grows everywhere; who knew?

Let’s avoid a ceremony with vines,
You could always get married in the mines?
We know seven dwarves who’d help, they’re all kin.
But you’d have an abundance of groomsmen.

Here’s something that would go swimmingly well,
Go get married at sea, like Ariel!
There’s the woman dressed like an octopus,
That’s only a problem if you’re a wuss.

What, something like her would bother you two?
Or is it nixing crab off the menu?
We can see how his feelings might get hurt,
Ask Sebastian if he’d like the desert.

Have the event in The Cave of Wonders;
You’ll have to watch out for social blunders.
If one guest tries to take a souvenir,
You’ll all have to yell, “We are outta here!”

The walls falling down is hardly the worst,
You could be in a whale, dying of thirst.
We think Pinocchio is a cute boy,
But you want a ring-bearer, not a toy.

We think it’s time that you start to settle,
Simple entertainment, like a kettle.
You can still have a fancy chandelier,
(Gaston might get you a good deal on beer).

Hey, have you planned out the bridal shower?
We think it’d be cool to use a tower.
You’ll need a ladder so gals could get down,
Y’know, if they all wear their finest gown.

Perhaps if your sister is feeling nice,
She would host you in her palace of ice?
But then a kid would try to lick a wall,
Or an elderly man might slip and fall.

At this point we don’t know what to say.
Why are you smiling and laughing that way?
Silly us.  You don’t need all that glory,
You’ve already got your own love story.

You two just don’t need a real fancy plan,
He’s got his lady, and she’s got her man.
We’ll be the background characters for you,
In your fairy tale that is coming true.

Treasuring one’s Surroundings

In “Anecdotal Tales”, stories will be told. Some will be fun, some will not. Some will be great, some will be less so. Some stories are true, some are merely possible. This is one of them.

Treasuring one’s Surroundings

The Greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.” -unknown

One fine day, as I was walking down a quiet street,
There was a curious man that I happened to meet.
He stood dressed quite well in a nice suit, sharp cane, and hat,
And I decided to engage him in a brief chat.

The finely dressed fellow was busy digging around
Like a canine who’s buried their bone deep in the ground.
He certainly could afford to buy fine attire
So I had to stare at his strange collection of wire.

That was not all that the man had gathered about him
He seemed to choose and collect things based purely on whim.
At his feet lay slats of wood and shards of broken glass
Along with an old hokey-novelty singing bass.

I went up and tapped the fellow lightly on his back
As he pulled a red yo-yo out of the garbage sack.
He tipped his hat, and greeted me with, “How do you do?”
Then he knelt down and placed the old toy by his right shoe.

I queried him about his somewhat odd endeavor,
The man then laughed at me for what seemed like forever.
“Oh, this hobby of mine gives me tremendous pleasure,
I’m simply adding to my vast pile of treasure.”

When I asked him why he didn’t buy things that were new
He looked at me like I had scales and my skin was blue.
“Why would I go out, waste money, and purchase new things,
When these items right here are more than worthy of kings?

“Why I could make myself a fun little mirrorball
Or a fine piece of art fit to hang up in the hall.
These toys just need a new coat of paint or a fresh string
And maybe we’ll find that fish is still ready to sing.”

I looked at the fellow there and felt somewhat wary.
It seemed this intense topic could get rather scary.
Yet I remained intrigued by his interesting quirk,
So I let him describe the joys of his wacky work.

“I take things that others have callously tossed away
For they believe these items are all out of play.
I say that there’s still life in all of these well-made parts
Even if they’ve got themselves some broken plastic hearts.

“And isn’t that true of all people in the world too?
I can see that you know what I mean, you truly do!
Folks that are called ‘ruined’ or ‘a little banged up’
Are the folks that I talk to over a coffee cup.

Photo from publicphoto.org

“The people that have had to come out of their dark shell,
They’re the ones who really have a great story to tell.
If a person doesn’t look too refined or pretty,
I just assume they’ve spent all their time being witty.”

The man tipped his hat, grinned, returned to his hunting,
And he pulled out a ball that was ready for bunting.
He gathered his things, waved, and walked off with a smile
And I still think about that man once in a while.

The Movies You’ll See

In “Anecdotal Tales”, stories will be told. Some will be fun, some will not. Some will be great, some will be less so. Some stories are true, some are merely possible. This is one of them.

The Movies You’ll See

When you travel to a theater
You will find a patron greeter
They’ll say what there is to see
And the choices will fill you with glee

You could see a flick about a rhinoceratops
Who befriends a small boy who likes pork chops
Then there’s the drama that takes place in France
Where a man loses everything but his underpants.

Then there are adventures deep underground
Where monsters and creatures travel around.
There are guys who like to drive really fast
Because they must escape from their past.

There are movies for all kinds of folks
There’re talking animals that make jokes.
Watch a dance movie where they bounce and leap
Then one person mis-steps and they’re all in a heap.

So many ways can you watch these shows,
What option to pick?  Why, nobody knows!
Do you want them with popcorn or candy?
Are you the sort that thinks 3D is dandy?

You can go see them alone in the middle of the day
You can go see them just when the weather is rather gray.
You can go see them when they are brand new
You can go see them with a friend who wants to go too.

Seats on the sides are by far the most springy
And you won’t have to step in that gooey thingy.
Try to avoid people who are much taller than you
They want to see movies just as much as you do.

Maybe you’ll laugh at a fish that plays guitar
You might see worlds that exist in a pickle jar.
Some alien might cause you to let out a scream
You might even fight crime with a super team.

Whatever you watch, sit back and enjoy
Rub your hands and squeal, “oh boy!”
You can leave before the credits are done,
Just remember that this is supposed to be fun

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