Intermission- Postaday vs. NaNoWriMo

Well, my book is written–let it go. But if it were only to write over again there wouldn’t be so many things left out. They burn in me; and they keep multiplying; but now they can’t ever be said.” -Mark Twain



This is your heads up that I won’t be Postadaying in November.  I’ll be too busy staring at my computer screen, cursing myself for having writer’s block, and generally wishing that the whole process came easier.

Yes, once again National Novel Writing Month is coming.  For those of you that haven’t tried it?  You should.  It may very well kill you, but what a way to go!  Who wouldn’t want to spend a gray and dreary month of bitter cold hunched over their computer typing 50,000 words in thrity days?

It sounds more fun than I make it out to be.  Honest.

Just WRITE, darnit.

I’ve “won” three times.  The first was a story about a teenager getting an unexpected superpower and an arch-nemesis that came with it.  Two years ago it was a girl who came across a virtual reality machine and quickly became addicted to it.  Last year I wrote about a boring old night-stocker at a grocery store, and how his life changed when this mysterious woman entered his life.

I’ve gone from seventy-three page stories to one hundred and twenty-six page stories.  (Ya gotta love dialog.  It fills up space like nothing else.)  Each year it gets a little bit easier.  And after all, that was the whole point of me posting six times a week; practice for when the next novella wants to fall out of me.

I have my plot (A jerk wins the lottery.  He’ll be Scrooge-loveable, honest), I have a computer bought specifically for writing, and I think I have the time.  But that means I’ll be shunning WordPress.  I’m sorry, there’s just no way I can write a novella and twenty-five short stories in one month.  It just ain’t gonna happen.  Besides, I could use the time to think of more ideas.

Go back and read some old stories.  They’ll tide you over.

and about 150 other stories you haven’t read yet.  C’mon, already!

I’ll try to still stop in.  I tend to complete my novellas early.  Hopefully I’ll go back to being a daily writer after NaNoWriMo, but we’ll see.  In the upcoming weeks, I’m going to enjoy not having to scour Google for clip art and delight in writing more than four thousand words a day.  And of course, I highly encourage you folks to tackle the same challenge as I.  😀


About Cosand
He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.

7 Responses to Intermission- Postaday vs. NaNoWriMo

  1. Jennifer S says:

    I like it… have fun! Will read some older posts while you’re gone.

  2. Emma McCoy says:

    I’ll be right there with you this November!

  3. s1ngal says:

    not nice… i’ve read almost ALL your stories 😥 Anyway, Good luck! You’ll be missed [all honesty].

    ps. Will it be possible to read what you’ll be writing during nanowrimo [plsssss]?

  4. s1ngal says:

    btw I have un*like*d this post of yours. Earlier I *like*d it because of the initiative you’re taking but then couldn’t be nice anymore!

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