Intermission- Real Life Gets in the Way

…a good and wholesome thing is a little harmless fun in this world; it tones a body up and keeps him human and prevents him from souring.” -Mark Twain


If I’m to be a true Postaday kinda guy, I should hang my head in shame that I didn’t have time to write a story today.  What can I say, in the last twenty-four hours there’s been:

  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Stomping in puddles
  • Eating at a Thai restaurant
  • Working two different jobs
  • Climbing trees
  • Driving to two different parks
  • Walking through a hundred year old water tower
  • Eating cereal
  • Picking flowers (which may or may not have been “allowed”
  • Taking photos
  • Watching the world pass by from a bench
  • A purring cat
  • And complimenting a gal in a flower dress with a flower in her hair

So like I said, I’ve been busy.

Maybe one day I’ll write a story about all or some of it.  But today I was too busy living it.  (Shrugs)

Happy summer, peeps.


About Cosand
He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.

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