A Running Commentary

In “Anecdotal Tales”, stories will be told.  Some will be fun, some will not.  Some will be great, some will be less so.  Some stories are true, some are merely possible.  This is one of them.

A Running Commentary

Jerry the Jogger is ready to go.  He puts his shoes on and wonders why his left shoe must always fit tighter than his right.  He empties his pockets of everything.  He wears only shorts, a simple t-shirt, and a wristband to hold his key.  Without another thought, Jerry the Jogger is ready to go.

Nothing stops Jerry the Jogger.  He sprints away from his front porch and heads out into the world.  The streets are empty; the sidewalks are his to command.  Jerry the Jogger has to admit that it is a rather pleasant morning, even if the sun is too lazy to full get out of bed.  The day has already started to warm up and it seems like the blue skies will shine brightly.  None of this slows down Jerry the Jogger.

Feeling the lungs in his chest finally warm up, Jerry the Jogger quickens his pace.  His mission is simple.  He must run, run quickly, and run skillfully.  There are no other people out yet to compete with.  The tasks and demands of the day can wait a bit longer.  Jerry the Jogger simply likes being outside.

Lone Jogger by Kim Newberg

A car delivering newspapers swerves all over the road.  Jerry the Jogger is undeterred.  He watches as the late 80’s hatchback tosses one bundle out the window, drives to the opposite of the street crossing the double yellow line without hesitating and deposits another bundle.  Jerry the Jogger sees the car coming towards him but does not change course.  The car and he have undergone this game of chicken before and Jerry the Jogger has yet to lose.  The car sees him, flicks its lights, and drives on.  The intrepid runner does not pause to wave.  Nothing can slow down Jerry the Jogger.

The typical obstacles present themselves.  A giant puddle from yesterday’s rain offers to “cool him off”, but Jerry the Jogger declines the invitation.  Tree branches sag down and threaten to scratch him in the face, but he skillfully avoids contact.  A crack looms in the pavement ahead, but he knows exactly where it is and how far it juts up off the ground.  Jerry the Jogger is fearless and yields to nothing.

A surprise greets Jerry the Jogger.  As the sun makes its full presence over the horizon, a new sight comes his way.  Two female runners approach.  They are in their late twenties and look very lovely in their running gear.  They pass with a smile and simultaneous “Hi” greetings, but Jerry the Jogger only nods and waves.  There is no time for distractions.  There is only the road.  Jerry the Jogger will not be distracted.

Nothing stops Jerry the Jogger, nothing.  Not even the cute cat that meows at him from across the street.  It does not matter that the cat is looking pretty adorable.  Jerry the Jogger cannot take time to stop and notice how the cat has cute little white spots on his feet that look like four matching white socks.  Jerry the Jogger rationalizes that he has a cat at home that he can go home and talk to.  Jerry the Jogger tries to avoid slowing down and crossing the street.  He tells himself t

hat he shouldn’t be walking to the cat slowly, quietly, as the cat walks up to him in reply.  Jerry the Jogger has a reputation of focus to maintain.  He shouldn’t be kneeling next to the cat and scratching its next; even though the neck really is quite soft.  Seriously, how does this cat get its neck to be so fluffy?  It’s like a cloud.  He reaches to scratch the cat on the back only to have the feline flee.

Fine.  Jerry the Jogger has other matters to attend to.  The cat was merely one more thing to take him away from his exercise.  Jerry the Jogger has to stay fit.  Jerry the Jogger is on a mission.  Jerry the Jogger stops for no one!  Well, except the occasional cat.


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He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.

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