The Colorful Couple

In “Anecdotal Tales”, stories will be told. Some will be fun, some will not. Some will be great, some will be less so. Some stories are true, some are merely possible. This is one of them.

The Colorful Couple

Say there’s a couple named Sven & Stella
(In case you’re confused, Sven is the fella)
Sven was a guy with a pretty loud mouth
Stella quietly grew up in the south.

She worked in an office, he was a cop,
The two met while waiting at a bus stop.
She liked the way he made random folks smile,
Sven had to admit that he liked her style.

So Sven and Stella went on their first date
Neither wanted to part when it turned late.
He kept grinning; she laughed all the night through.
They couldn’t help but have date number two.

Sven and Stella felt happy together,
No matter what the place or the weather.
Stella was a jewel amongst the rabble,
And Sven could play a mean game of Scrabble.

They didn’t feel like they should have to hide.
The two enjoyed going walking outside.
But that was when the trouble entered in,
People whispered about their mismatched skin.

They couldn’t understand why the big fuss
Or why some folks would look their way and cuss.
They were happy at the end of the night,
Even if her skin was dark and his, light.

Oh, but not everyone saw it that way.
They still hear mumbles on a random day.
People whisper that they’re causing a scene
Because they don’t share the same color gene.

Sven and Stella know some folks can be weird
They do their best to ignore those who’ve sneered.
The couple tries to be understanding
When strangers begin their reprimanding.

They know that God thinks that their match is fine
And those that disagree can get in line.
They hope one day we’ll be better than this
‘til then they get by on a hug and kiss.




About Cosand
He's a simple enough fellow. He likes movies, comics, radio shows from the 40's, and books. He likes to write and wishes his cat wouldn't shed on his laptop.

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